CNPL Coursework & Careers

CNPL StudentOur caring faculty delivers education, outreach, and applied research to help prepare you for a meaningful career supporting and empowering children, teens, adults, families, and communities.

CNPL coursework focuses on four main areas; governance and management, philanthropy and service, program planning and evaluation, and communications. CNPL internships and group projects provide you with real-world problem solving, leadership skills, networking, and other resume-building experiences to succeed in the rapidly growing nonprofit field.

Why have nonprofits multiplied faster than for-profit businesses? One reason is that as the population ages, greater demand for health care services drives growth in hospitals and health care organizations, many of which are nonprofits.

—New York Times, For Nonprofits, a Bigger Share of the Economy, March 8, 2014.

Types of Nonprofit Careers:
CNPL Professor Michael Maguire with Students
Development Managers / Fundraising Professionals
Community Engagement Managers
Public Health Associates
Annual Giving Assistants
Special Events Coordinators
Communications Managers
Volunteer Coordinators
Campaign Managers/Directors
Community Organizers
Grant Managers
Policy Analysts
Executive Directors

Download a PDF listing the Community & Nonprofit Leadership Alumni careers our alumni have found 1-3 years post graduation.

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