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At the School of Human Ecology, we combine science, creativity, and curiosity to formulate new solutions to some of life’s oldest problems. Our dedication to academic excellence is matched by a strong sense of leadership, service, and enthusiasm for making the world a better place. Above all, we understand that the way we connect with each other, and with our various environments, has a powerful effect on the quality of our lives.

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Earn a Bachelor of Science degree in one of our majors:

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Community and Nonprofit Leadership
CNPL develops caring professionals to lead in the thriving nonprofit sector and support community-based initiatives that change lives.

Human Development and Family Studies
HDFS examines development across the lifespan and prepares students for meaningful futures in areas such as psychology, education, health, research, social work, business, and counseling.

Interior Architecture
Combining the art of design with social and physical sciences, Interior Architecture teaches students how to design revolutionary spaces and environments for people.

Personal Finance
Personal Finance looks at economics from a people perspective, developing financial experts who can help individuals and families live more secure lives.

Consumer Behavior and Marketplace Studies
CBMS leverages business, creativity, technology, and research to understand and improve the global consumer experience.

Textiles and Fashion Design
The TFD Bachelor of Science program takes students on a creative journey through the art, science, and global business of fashion design.

Earn a Certificate:

Certificate in Textiles and Design
The Certificate in Textiles and Design allows students from any major to gain a fundamental understanding of the creative and innovative application of textiles and visual design.  By nature, textiles are interdisciplinary, weaving together art, commerce, history, culture, technology, material culture, and science.  Students will develop artistic and technical skills valuable for both pursuing a professional career in the textile industry and nurturing personal creative interests.

Certificate in Design Strategy
The certificate in Design Strategy provides undergraduate students from all majors with a hands-on, interdisciplinary approach to problem solving for strategic change. Through applying Design Thinking techniques and exploring the interconnections between people, built, natural, and financial environments, students will learn to put ideas into action and develop forward-thinking approaches to a variety of issues.