What is a Human Ecologist?

What is human ecology? At SoHE, we hear that question a lot. Sure, we could answer it with “a systems approach to studying and understanding relationships between humans and their everyday environments,” but the deeper, personal answers come from our students, alumni, and faculty that live human ecology every day. Take a look at our new I am a Human Ecologist video for inspiration and send in your response in the fields below. We’ll share your response to create a collective answer on what it means to be a human ecologist.

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Why are you a human ecologist?

Why I am a Human Ecologist
Francisco A.. Villarruel
Associate Chair, University Outreach and Engagement Senior Fellow, and Professor, Human Development and Family Studies, Michigan State University
I seek understand and support youth development through efforts to understand how multiple institutions, relationships, policies and networks shape and influence their developmental paths.
Helen Horner
B.S. Family & Consumer Journalism
Association of Equipment Manufacturers
I am a human ecologist because the human mind never stops learning and I see so many exciting ways to teach it.
Dana Hanson
Interior Architecture
BS 2015
Web Designer, UW-Madison School of Business
I am a Human Ecologist because designing is my craft and helping others is my passion. Human Ecology combines what I love to do and what I want to do in a way that is always changing and teaching me new ideas.
Cynthia R Wiser McNichols
B.S. Relax Art 1975
Scheduling Coordinator @ Froedtert Health
I am a human ecologist because I live and work in the context of community and relationships. I use my skills and talents to bring beauty to the world around me.