Civil Society & Community Studies

The department of Civil Society and Community Studies at the UW-Madison focuses on the processes of education and community leadership as they pertain to the many fields and disciplines of the School of Human Ecology. Our undergraduate program prepares students to participate with others in effective education or community processes to deal with complex issues affecting people and families. The CSCS graduate program provides exciting interdisciplinary coursework and research opportunities in community settings.

CNPL Professor Michael Maguire

Students acquire and develop broad-based interdisciplinary knowledge, perspectives, and skills for application as leaders and educators focused on human issues and services within education, community, nonprofit, government agency, and business settings. Faculty and students function as a learning community supporting each other’s personal and professional growth.

Faculty are involved in a range of exciting research platforms. Students engaged in research with faculty for hands-on experience and opportunities to make new discoveries and relevant advancements in the fields of civil society, nonprofit, and family and consumer education.