About us

The School of Human Ecology is a smaller school within UW-Madison where faculty and advisors work closely with students to prepare them for careers that improve the quality people’s lives. Our majors are Human Development and Family Studies, Community and Nonprofit Leadership, Textiles and Fashion Design, Retailing and Consumer Behavior, Interior Architecture, and Personal Finance. Each of these Bachelor of Science degrees provides a solid curriculum of practical skills that leads students toward exciting professions and a better understanding of people and our world.

Every day we combine science and curiosity to formulate new solutions to some of life’s oldest problems. Our dedication to academic excellence is matched by a strong sense of leadership, service, and enthusiasm for making the world a better place. Above all, we understand that the way we connect with each other and with our various environments has a powerful effect on the quality of our lives.

This is the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Human Ecology…and, this is where you belong.