SoHE Student Megan Donovan Awarded Another Scholarship For Retail Excellence

Picture of Megan Donovan

It was only a few months ago when Megan Donovan earned a $10,000 award from Geoffrey Beene National Scholarship that supports students seeking fashion industry professions. Now, the Retail and Consumer Behavior grad has been recognized by Natural Insight for her ongoing focus on using technology to enhance in-store execution and consumer experiences.

In May, Natural Insight, a provider of cloud applications for retail merchandising and field marketing, collaborated with Kohl’s Center for Retail Excellence to provide funding for three finalists to attend the annual Retail Merchandising and Marketing Conference (RMMC) on May 1st in Bonita Springs, Florida.

Jerry O’Brien, Director of the Kohl’s Center for Retail Excellence at the University of Wisconsin, said, “This is the second year in a row Natural Insight has provided funding for exceptional students to attend the Retail Merchandising and Marketing Conference. We appreciate the opportunity to have our students connect with retail industry professionals and gain valuable insights from experts in the field.”

The RMMC helped congratulate the individuals on their demonstration for passion and aptitude for retail. Megan Donovan was awarded $1,000 in prestige followed by finalists Lexi Van Camp and Brian Lucksinger.

“We are thrilled to honor the finalists as exceptional students and future retail industry leaders,” said Stefan Midford, President and CEO of Natural Insight. “All of them, especially Megan, our winner, have illustrated their strong potential in the retail industry and we’re delighted to have been able to provide for their attendance at the RMMC, which will expand their knowledge of enhanced in-store execution and improved consumer experiences at retail.”

Donovan was a highly involved 2016 SoHE graduate that majored in retailing and consumer behavior. She hopes to one day see herself working in fashion somewhere on the East Coast.

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