SoHE Stories: September 16-22

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A weekly wrap-up for the School of Human Ecology.

Hartley: Understanding how couples parenting children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) are affected

Sigan Hartley

Congratulations Sigan Hartley, the 100 Women Chair in Human Ecology with article in September 2016 American Psychological Association newsletter, “New directions in family research: Marital quality in parents of children with ASD” along with graduate students Greta Goetz and Emily Hickey.  Also released in Journal Family Psychology September 2016, “The effect of daily challenges in children with autism on parents’ couple problem-solving interactions“.

HDFS student expands childcare boundaries

Luke playing with young girl for conscious discipline practicesHDFS student, Luke Muentner, and The Playing Field are featured in a beautifully written exposé by the Isthmus this week. The new and highly-appraised center focuses on Conscious Discipline practices for racially diverse children from all socio-economic backgrounds. This is a unique piece you don’t want to miss!



Kirkorian and former HDFS grad student on the cutting edge – is seeing better than doing for preschoolers?

Heather Kirkorian

HDFS faculty Heather Kirkorian and former grad student Elizabeth Schroeder ask the question “Why focus on STEM skills in early childhood?” in this article published in Frontiers in Psychology, the #1 largest and #2 most cited Psychology journal. The article, “When Seeing Is Better than Doing: Preschoolers’ Transfer of STEM Skills Using Touchscreen Games” was published September 13 2016 – congratulations Heather!

Fairbanks and Andrew featured in Smithsonian article

Fairbanks and Andrew featured in Isthmus article for new prototypeWe’re excited to congratulate Marianne Fairbanks and Trisha Andrew for being featured in the Smithsonian.  Together, the two have consolidated a new glove prototype with solar textiles that they’re excited to one day hit the market. Learn more about their expansion of future products and companies that want to team up with these two revolutionists.


Yoga@SoHE starts again this Thursday!

group_yoga_0Looking for a way to leave behind all the stress? Yoga@SoHE begins this Thursday, September 22nd until December 8th. Drop-ins are welcome to join instructor Jenny Lee and her session that will take place from 12:05 to 12:50 p.m. in room 1107. This beginner class is welcome to all of SoHE.



HDFS professor Julie Poehlmann-Tynan participates in parental incarceration conference

Julie PoehlmannA national conference was held last Thursday at Cornell University to acknowledge the consequences of parent incarceration regarding young children development. Julie Poehlmann-Tynan had the pleasure of co-organizing this national event to help raise awareness for this taxing problem. To read more on the recap of the conference, click here.

Connie Flanagan explains why political sides might be struggling to attract younger voters

sohe-votesWisconsin Public Radio had the pleasure of interviewing Associate Dean and Professor of Civil Society and Community Research Connie Flanagan on a recent debate as to why political sides might be struggling to attract younger voters. From a loss of aspiration qualities and millennials’ connections to policies, Flanagan expresses her concern and takes a stance as to what both political parties can do to strive for a younger audience.


Guest speaker highlighting fashion in the ’30s for Ruth Davis Design Gallery next Thursday

Strnad Stitching History From The HolocaustThe Ruth Davis Design Gallery is excited to host “Contextualizing Hedvika Strnad: Fashion in the 1930s”. Former Design Studies professor, Beverly Gordon, will be speaking about the trends that influenced Czech dressmaker Hedy Strnad. The event will be taking place Thursday, September 29th from 4:30 p.m.- 5:30 p.m. in room 2211. For more information on this event, click here.




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