SoHE Stories: October 16 – 23

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Adult Recess: Ideas for a Playful Work Environment

Who said recess is only for kids? SoHE’s own, Kim Lombardi, explores the research behind taking breaks, along with ways to integrate play into your workday. In this exciting workshop, SoHE faculty and staff will learn how to create a “professionally playful” work environment. From building a more cohesive team culture to increasing health and happiness in the office, Kim’s workshop will refresh your outlook on going to work each day. Join us on October 23rd, from 12pm – 1pm in Nancy Nicolas Hall, Room 2211.


Fining The Hand That Feeds You

Street vendors has a been a way for those that cannot access private real estate still earn a living as an entrepreneur. However, the debate on whether these individuals should be allowed to share the public urban space that the cities provide us has caused many dilemmas and concerns. Earlier this month, Assistant Professor, Alfonso Morales, of Urban and Regional Planning collaborated with graduate student, Kathryn Carroll, at the University of Southern California to assess these problematic concerns and the future of street vending. Contesting The Streets was a local symposium that brought together these scholars on the dynamic practice of street vending and the difficult dialogue that progresses in the community regarding it.


Wei Dong with traditional Chinese bookThe Philosophy Of Life

If you haven’t had the opportunity yet, you must go see Harmonious Spaces here at SoHE’s Ruth Davis Art Gallery. As stated by the Wisconsin State Journal, Wei Dong expressed his intellect on Feng Shui and how the artistic form becomes a “philosophy of life, rather than some way you can make your fortune”. For Wei, it’s a “way of viewing the world”. We couldn’t be more proud of you Professor Wei Dong, and all the talent you’ve used to inspire your students and give back to the university. For more information, click here.

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