SoHE Stories: December 8-14 2016

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We’ve said all along, “giving back” is in our DNA — this time we get to give a little back to a few lucky people…drum roll…envelope please….and the winners of a little bit o’swag are:

Assist Professor Kendra Alexander – gift certificate to Monks
Professor Jenny Angus – (2) tickets to the Milwaukee Bucks game in January
Undergrad Program Coordinator Allison Murray – a week of parking under Nancy Nicholas Hall (just in time….brrrrrrr)
Grad Student Grace Cervantes – a gift certificate to Monks

On behalf of the SoHE Partners in Giving Team, we happy to report that on December 12 our participation rate crested over 50% (based on the official count of 155 people) and thanks to you we raised more than $17,000 through 18 “take-out your change” boxes, a waffle sale and your most generous acts. If you choose to make a gift before the end of the year please click here.


It Takes an EcologyCongratulations EcoWell and its partner The Multicultural Graduate Network were awarded a $3000 grant from Vice Provost’s Patrick Sim’s Office of Diversity, Equity, and Educational Achievement to work together on Practice CommYOUnity, which will help to provide stipends for underrepresented graduate students to participate in Spring 2017 – contact Dave Metler   EcoWell Coordinator for more information.



Connect Wisconsin Logo.On Monday twenty undergraduate students in the Philanthropy Lab class awarded (5) grants of $10,000 each to area nonprofit organizations, thanks to a trans-formative grant from the Once Upon a Time Foundation. The class – in partnership with the Morgridge Center – is the first of its kind in the UW System. UW System President Ray Cross was on hand to mark the achievement and CNPL senior Trevor Mann enjoyed 15 minutes of fame in this interview on Channel 27.



YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund


Hot off the press (an email from Holly Easland last night!) – “Wisconsin has 6 winners in the prestigious YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund competition. 3 students who did the Design case study and 3 students who did the Retail case study!” Congratulation to the students and their faculty coaches – now they will go on to compete for additional scholarship awards at the $5,000, $10,000 (won last year by SoHE Retail Senior Megan Donovan) and $30,000. Wisconsin students have secured more than $250,000 in scholarship awards – good luck Badgers!

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