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Professor Duncan Shares Research Results

CDr. Larissa Duncanatching the attention of the New York Times, HDFS associate professor Dr. Larissa Duncan recently released results from her research on the potential benefits of mindful childbirth classes for expectant mothers. Many first-time parents experience labor-related anxiety and fears of postpartum depression throughout their pregnancies, and while traditional childbirth classes tend to help one prepare for the physical aspects of labor, they may be lacking when it comes to mentally preparing mothers for the psychological challenges of childbirth. Read more about Dr. Duncan’s study here.


Prenatal to Five Initiative to Launch this Friday

Julie Poehlmann-Tynan

Unprecedented. Thanks to the drive and pure grit of the team from the Center for Child and Family Well-being (CCFW) Director Julie Poehlmann-Tynan, Associate Director Larissa Duncan, Initiative Chair Janean Dilworth-Bart, Director of Centers Research & Public Affairs Mary Beth Collins and graduate student Ashleigh Grendziak , this Friday more than 300 individuals will convene on campus to talk about issues of access and equity for children and families in Wisconsin. Read more in this article in the Capital Times

Unprecedented. Representatives from 50 Wisconsin counties (out of 72) and 7 tribal nations will roll up their sleeves and together set priorities for solving sticky, stubborn barriers to healthy children and families. Did you know – Native American and African American children in Wisconsin are twice as likely to die before their first birthday?

Unprecedented. And unflinching.


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