SoHE News & Stories: March 24 -31

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New Sesame Street Character Presents Autism in a Positive Light

Sesame Street Characters Julia and Elmo

Professor Sigan Hartley says that the new character, Julia, will help destigmatize negative images of children with autism and will show that differences are not a bad thing. This character has taken 3 years to develop and is part of a cultural shift that is aimed at reaching young children who are still framing their world views.

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Free Workshop on Data Analyzing Software

If you’re a student, researcher, or faculty member who analyzes data, consider attending the Campus Software Library’s free workshop on MATLAB, a high-level language and interactive environment for data analysis, visualization, and numerical computation.  This program can help to reach solutions quicker and easier than using spreadsheets alone, and no experience is required. Seating is limited, so register for the event if you plan on attending on April 4th!

For more information check out their website.

New Study on Relationships and Romantic Types

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Do all of your exes look alike? Or did they all work in sales? And what about that ex of yours — he had a thing for brunettes with glasses, right? He definitely had a type, but do you, too? Professor Christine Whelan weighs in on the recent study.

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