SoHE News & Stories: January 20-27 2017

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Take a look at what’s happening in SoHE this week!

police car lightsHDFS Professor Addresses Incarceration and The Effect on Children

In a recent report by U.S. News, Human Development and Family Studies Professor Julie Poehlmann-Tynan addressed the risks associated with child development when a parent is incarcerated and how caregivers can help maintain a safe, positive environment to weather these challenges.


Dr. Charles Raison Finding Your FairytaleInnovative Therapy Finds Creativity in Healing

Take a look at how Human Development and Family Studies Professor, Dr. Charles Raison, talks about newly innovative therapeutic strategies such as “Finding Your Fairytale“and how creative imagery can help individuals find healing.


professor wei dong, alma mater VCUWhat an honor!

Design Studies Professor Wei Dong, alum of Virginia Commonwealth University, is profiled in this latest issue of the alumni magazine. Congratulations!




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