SoHE News & Stories: April 7 – April 14

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Dean Shim Helps Combat UW Bullying 

An article in this week’s Cap Times highlighted SoHE’s Dean Soyeon Shim’s efforts to confront the rise in faculty bullying at UW-Madison. More than 35% of faculty have experienced “hostile” behavior, according to a recent UW Madison survey. Dean Shim advocates for academic freedom and has enacted policies to stop hostile behavior and promote individual expression.



SoHE Faculty Breaks Ground in Depression Research

Charles L. Raison, MD, was featured in a Clinical Pyschiatry News article last month. Through his research at UW-Madison, he has found a link between depression and inflammation. Dr. Raison, the Mary Sue and Mike Shannon Chair for Healthy Minds, Children & Families at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, has found that early-life adversity causes inflammation and predisposes people to depression. He continues to explore this “breakthrough” and analyze inflammation’s role in interfering with one’s mood.



ICYMI: Alumni Mailing

In case you missed our alumni mailing, check out the online version here and keep up with what is happening at SoHE.

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