SoHE News & Events: May 17-23

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Native Nations_UW Leadership Summit highlights directions for partnerships

Dean Soyeon Shim, other UW leaders, and Native Nations leaders attended a day of discussion on improving health services, preserving the environment, developing local economies, strengthen families, and expanding educational opportunities.  Read the UW News article.

Bartfeld weighs in on schools’ free breakfast program

Consumer Science Professor Judi Bartfeld, who specializes in food security research and policy, provided her input for a Reedsburg Times-Press article as local school districts free breakfast program models.

UN climate change with Horowitz

Leah Horowitz

SoHE’s Leah Horowitz, professor of civil society and community studies in the School of Human Ecology was part of the conversation on WORT about the alarming extinction report released by the United Nations. Listen in and read the story here.

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