SoHE News and Events: October 26-November 1

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Ponto’s VR World | Travois  Art featured in Kansas City
Assistant Professor Ponto Featured in The Cap Times

Picture of Kevin Ponto.
Assistant Professor, Kevin Ponto, answered a Q&A on how Virtual Reality simulations can be used to solve real-world problems. He’s used his VR expertise and research, to map out crime scenes, help solve medical questions, and solve other real-world problems in a virtual way. Read more in the Oct 28 Cap Times article here.


MFA Graduate Student Displays Her Work in Kansas City

Dakota Mace
Dakota Mace, a MFA Graduate Student in the Design Studies program, will be displaying 15 of her works in a Travois First Fridays exhibition in Kansas City on November 2. Learn more about her work and the display here.


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