Travel Planning

The table below addresses the most common travel costs and policies. A more complete guide to UW Travel policies can be found at Accounting Services.

Receipts: If receipts are required, they must provide detailed information regarding what was purchased. The credit card payment slip is not sufficient documentation. In addition, the receipt must document payment, i.e. reservation confirmations are not sufficient unless it also documents the payment made.

CategoryReimbursement RatesDocumentationReservations/ Purchases
MealsLodging Maximums and M&IE Per Diem Allowance Calculation | UW TravelWIse

First/Last Day of travel qualifies for 75% of location per diem rate (set by Federal Government)

Qualifying locations are as follows:
  • First Day: where will be spending the night
  • Subsequent full days: where will be spending the night for that day
  • Last Day: where spent the night before returning to home/headquarters
Conference/meeting meals provided will be deducted based on a percentage of the per diem: 20% breakfast, 30% lunch; 50% dinner (this includes the first and last days of travel).
Hotel breakfasts included in lodging price or meals included in airfare price do not require per diem deductions

Meals added on to lodging bill should be deducted from lodging reimbursement and reimbursed as part of per diem allowance.

If no overnight stay; meal allowance of $15 per day, is tax reportable income (cannot be claimed if any meals are provided)

UW will not pay Meals & Incidental Expenses in advance of travel

Rates include $5 allowance to cover the following incidentals:
  • Fees and tips for service staff (does not include tips for taxi drivers)
  • Transportation between places of lodging or business to obtain meals
  • Phone calls (business and personal)
  • Laundry, dry cleaning and pressing of clothing
  • Bottled water
  • Mailing and other expenses associated with filing expense reports

N/A (Receipts not required)
Mileage for Use of Personal VehicleRound-trip less than 300 miles: $0.545/mile

Round-trip 300 miles or more OR if a fleet vehicle was available and not used the amount will be reimbursed at the turndown rate.
Mapquest (or similar) documenting mileage. If leave from home, mileage is lesser of mileage from home or UW business location.Must be an authorized driver in the State of WI Enterprise Fleet Management System (applies to any driving for UW business)
Fleet Rental

Fleet RatesDocument miles traveled for Transportation Services.
  1. Must be an authorized driver in the State of WI Enterprise Fleet Management System (applies to any driving for UW business)
  2. Contact Tammy O’Brien in the Business office to obtain a Fleet Billing number.
  3. Reserve a fleet vehicle
LodgingUse Travel Calculator to determine allowable rates Detailed, paid receipts required.
  • Employees MUST use Concur to book hotels; however, please note that rates on Concur max exceed allowable rates and employees will only be reimbursed up to the allowable rates.

  • Employees may use a UW purchasing card, Corporate Card or personal funds for lodging.

  • If you need assistance, please contact Michael Kukula in the SoHE Business Office.
AirfareActual cost of airfare.

* If a traveler opts to extend their stay for personal reasons, or fly out of or into a city other than Madison, the traveler will be reimbursed the lower of actual costs, or what the cost would have been if travel was only for business dates or out of or into Madison.

A detailed paid receipt is required. The confirmation is not a receipt.

* Cost Comparison quote from Concur or Fox World Travel agent is required for airfare with extended/personal reasons or alternate airports other than Madison/Milwaukee/Chicago to show the cost of flight if for business only travel. Dictates UW payable/reimbursable amount towards actual cost in these instances.
Baggage FeesActual cost of baggage fees. Paid receipts for fees exceeding $25

Business justification required if claiming baggage fees for more than one bag.
Vehicle rentalActual cost for vehicle rental.Detailed, paid receipts are required.
  1. Must be an authorized driver in the State of WI Enterprise Fleet Management System (applies to any driving for UW business)
  2. Employees must attempt to use Concur to book a vehicle rental.
  3. Use Contract Vendors:
    • Enterprise/National - use first
    • Hertz - only if other contract vendors do not serve the location/vehicles are unavailable
  4. If it is necessary to use a non-contract vendor, please note that use of Orbitz is not allowed. It is recommended that employees use a UW Purchasing Card or Corporate card for vehicle rental expenses.
  5. Contract rates for Domestic rentals include collision waiver (CDW) and liability (LDW) insurance. If using a non-contract vendor, these must be purchased and will be reimbursed.
    Contract rates for International rentals may not include collision waiver (CDW) and liability (LDW) insurance; review location-specific contract information for details (Big Ten, State of WI/NASPO). If non-contract or is not included, ALL available coverages, insurances, and waivers must be fully accepted and purchased and will be reimbursed.

Taxi/Airline ShuttlesActual cost for necessary and reasonable travel with documented business purpose.

Tips for drivers are limited to 20% of the total fare.
Paid receipts for trips in excess of $25 (including tip). Must document trip origin, destination and business purpose.Ride sharing services are reimbursable. Use of premium ride sharing services (e.g. Uber Select, Lyft Premier) is not reimbursable.
Train (Long Distance)Actual cost for necessary and reasonable travel with documented business purpose.Paid receipts required, regardless of cost.
Must document trip origin, destination and business purpose.
Limited to coach class unless traveling overnight, when accommodations are limited to a roomette.
Internet Connection FeesActual cost if business purpose is documented.Paid receipt required.N/A
Phone callsIncluded in Meals and Incidentals per diem allowance.

If you have a question on an item not listed above, please refer to Accounting Services or contact Michael Kukula in the SoHE Business Office.