Research Participant Payments

The Research Participants Table is intended to provide a basic overview of research participant payment methods and policies. A more complete guide to the Payments to Research Participants policies related to Custodian Funds/Cash Advance, Gift Cards & PIR research payments may be found at the following links under the Policy and Procedure Index:

Policy 103: Payments to Research Participants
Policy 105: Gift Cards
Policy 301: Custodian Funds

Important Note: The below procedure outlines payments to Research Participants only. For other program purposes, please see the Payments via Custodian Funds & Gift Cards Matrix.

Methods of Payment: Depending on the amount of the payment, the Custodian (Principal Investigator/Researcher) can make payments to research participants via cash (Custodian Funds/Cash Advance), gift cards (purchased via Custodian Funds or P-Card), or check (Payment to Individual Report).