Payment Methods


Payments to a company or organization. Required information to be sent to Michael Kukula:

  • Invoice from the vendor (must show description of services rendered with dates)
  • W9 (completed form by company or organization)
  • Funding string to charge


Payment to an individual required information to be sent to Michael Kukula:

  • Full Name (last, first, initial)
  • W9 (completed form by individual)
  • Funding string to charge
  • Mailing address for check if different than W9 Address
  • Dates of service
  • Purpose of payment – description of services rendered
  • Amount to pay


A Visa card issued by US Bank, assigned to a specific UW employee and tied to University funding. The card is intended for low-dollar best judgment purchases that are to be paid directly by the University. Contact Michael Kukula for more information.


A US Bank personal-liability Visa corporate travel card issued to UW employees for travel and business-related expenses while in travel status. All charges are ultimately the responsibility of the individual cardholder. Reimbursable expenses are claimed via e‑Reimbursement/GET and may be paid directly to US Bank, by the University, on behalf of the cardholder. For more information about My Corporate Card, please go to Accounting Services Travel Center.