As of October 10, 2018, all receipts and supporting documentation must be scanned and attached electronically to the reimbursement request prior to submitting the expense report online. Expense Reports not including all required documentation will be sent back for revision. The Business Office cannot approve payment without all required documentation. A guest computer and scanner is available at the Business Office during normal business hours for use if needed.


UW employees may use the online system at Expense Reimbursement. You may use the Guided Expense Tool (GET) or the E-Reimbursement System. The GET tool is recommended unless you would like to use the My Wallet function for Corporate Card expenses. Log in using your NET ID to complete an online expense report.
Once approved by the Business Office, payment will be direct deposited to the same bank account as your Payroll. The deposit is typically within 3 days of approval.

Cash Advance or group expenses must be e-reimbursement.


For non-UW employees who seek e-reimbursement for appropriate expenses, a Non-employee E Reimbursement profile form must be completed and emailed to Gloria McCord in Word document format. Once a profile is created for a non-UW-employee, the non-employee ID will be emailed to the Alternate, who can then complete and submit the expense report. All receipts and documentation must be attached electronically as of October 10, 2018.

Once approved by the Business Office, payment will be mailed to the individual within 3 – 5 business days.


All E-Reimbursements will need to include a business purpose. The business purpose should include all relevant details necessary to explain how the expenses contribute to instruction, research, or outreach at UW Madison.