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Friday, April 8

EcoWell Science Cafe@SoHE


On the menu this week: 

  • Consuming Happiness: Christine Whelan
Weekly interactive workshops led by an eclectic group of presenters
blending the science and practice around topics related to well-being and social justice

12:10pm – 12:55pm

Room 2211

Questions? Contact

Please bring your own lunch


Upcoming menu items at the Science Cafe@SoHE…..


The Science of Love and Intimacy Linda Roberts

Human Development & Family Studies

April 15th
Privilege, Service Mindsets, and Youth Leadership Hannah Bunting and Ayden Prehara

CNPL Undergrads

EcoWell Facilitators

April 22nd
The Nature of Well-Being Lori DiPrete Brown

CSCS and 4W Director

April 29th
Design for Well-Being Kristin Thorleifsdottir

Design Studies

May 6th


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