Retail students attend the MAGIC Tradeshow in Las Vegas, August 2015

MAGIC show in Las Vegas Aug 2015


Students interested in retail had the opportunity to attend the largest soft lines group of trade shows while seeing the new products that are being offered for Spring 2016 and beyond.
Students experienced the behind-the-scenes business of buyers, vendors, product developers and marketers.
They attended industry trend seminars, shadowed merchants and met with many executives and entrepreneurs.

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1.15 million square feet of exhibition space. More than 4,500 exhibiting brands.
125+ countries. 4 days. 11 shows. 55 seminars and panels.


The opportunity to attend MAGIC Market Week was an experience I will never forget. I gained an immense amount of knowledge from attending trend forecasting seminars, vendor meetings, sourcing, and having a chance to discuss topics with industry professionals. We stepped into the shoes of buyers and planners and were able to apply our knowledge from the classroom to professional meetings with vendors. I saw how important it is to keep good relationships with vendors and others in the industry because you may do business with them in the future. I would recommend this opportunity to anyone who is interested in retail because it gave me an insight on the possibilities in the industry and the confidence to pursue my career aspirations.  Nicole L., Junior


MAGIC Market Week was an amazing experience after my first year of college. It was great being able to see first hand how buyers and vendors interacted with one another in a professional atmosphere. The networking opportunities within the market were also unparalled. MAGIC Market Week is an invaluable experience that every student interested in business, retail, or fashion should experience. Brian L., Sophomore

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I absorbed an overwhelming amount of new information while walking through the shows and connecting with professionals: from vendors, to buyers, to sourcing, the show was a fabulous experience and inside look into what many of the students at SoHe will be pursuing as career options after college. My biggest take away from our week in Las Vegas was the interconnectedness between company representatives with retail buyers and their genuine attitudes toward each other.  Miranda H., Senior

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I am really glad I attended the MAGIC Tradeshow.  I appreciated the opportunity to shadow buyers and understand how they do their work. I enjoyed “being” a buyer and talking to vendors, which gave me a more comprehensive insight of the relationship between vendors and buyers. I enjoyed attending trend seminars and talking to the forecasters that predict future trends. I learned more about sourcing, which gave me more options to think about for my future career. My biggest take away from the trade show is how interdependent vendors and buyers are, and how business is so international and global now. The retail and fashion world is more interconnected and vibrant than it ever be, full of challenges and opportunities. Ziqian P., Senior


Attending MAGIC was a wonderful and unique learning experience that will always stay with me. We got to meet with vendors and have one on one time with the buyers. Being able to have this personal interaction has taught me a lot about the industry. After this trip, I am even more excited to continue moving forward to my future career in retail.  Christina V., Junior

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Attending MAGIC Marketweek was such a valuable and interesting experience because we were able to step away from the classroom and observe both buyers and vendors interact in a professional environment. Networking with industry professionals was beneficial because they were able to offer both wisdom and insight as we continue with our college careers and eventually enter the industry. This unique learning opportunity has made me so excited to have a career in the ever changing, fast paced retail industry.  Emma P., Junior


      IMG_2869                Miranda and Brian Royalty at Zappos

IMG_2809   Sunstache presentation    

IMG_2855      IMG_2860     Group with Durand


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