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Hi all!

My name is Katie Milliken and I am a junior in the School of Human Ecology studying Retailing.  This semester, however, I left Madison behind to study at the University of Westminster in London, England.  Across the pond, I have had the opportunity to take a wide range of classes, from Sales Management to London Theatre in Performance.  No matter the class, one thing has been made clear to me:  My experience as a School of Human Ecology student could not have prepared me to take on the challenges of studying abroad any better than it did.

I feel that Wisconsin’s SoHE students receive an education that is incredibly practical.  We are not only fed information, but also taught how to apply it to real-world scenarios.

SoHE teaches us to think on our feet and communicate effectively, which are skills that I use abroad everyday.

In addition, the broad range of classes that students in SoHE are required to take has prepared me to excel in any class in any country.

My major classes have taught me to write in every different format, from concise reports in Consumer Policy to reflections in Retail Leadership Symposium.  I didn’t think I’d ever use the report format again, but immediately did upon arriving at University of Westminster and I was so glad that I had seen it before.  In addition, the numerous presentations that SoHE classes require us to make prepared me to feel completely at ease while presenting in my classes in London, to the point where the British students were shocked at how charismatic I was while presenting.  Through every challenge I’ve had this semester, I’ve been able to utilize the tools that SoHE has given me to be successful.

Though I have loved every minute of being in London, I cannot wait to be back in the School of Human Ecology with the classmates and professors that I’ve formed such great relationships with.  The connections that everyone in the school make with each other truly cannot be found in any other school.  What we SoHE students have is special, and I am looking forward to seizing every opportunity that the school gives me during my last year as a student!

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