Policies & Compliance

Policy and Compliance Resources

The Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education (VCRGE) develops and implements campus-wide research policy for UW-Madison. For comprehensive resources on research compliance, protocol training, and data stewardship policies, refer to the VCRGE’s Research Policies website.

The following is a selection of commonly-sought research policies:

Research Policies

Research Policies

Research Policy NameInformation About...Link
Data Security, Management, and RetentionHow to i) safeguard the integrity of data itself and ii) restrict access to sensitive informationData Security

Data Transfer to Other Institution
What to do if you are either giving research data to or receiving research data from someone elseData Transfer
Export ControlWhich, if any, export control precautions must be taken for your researchExport Control
Human Research Protection Program (HRPP)Policies that govern the use of human subjects or human subjects data in researchHRPP
Institutional Review Board (IRB)Required training and how to apply for and gain IRB approval for human subjects research.Education and Social & Behavioral Sciences IRB
Intellectual Property (IP)IP policies and the process for disclosing IP and pursuing a patentIntellectual Property
Research EthicsResearch misconduct and ethicsResearch Ethics

Policies and Procedures for Research Administration

As a large research institution, UW-Madison must manage a number of regulatory aspects of research activities in order to meet federal and State of Wisconsin requirements, as well as UW System and campus policies and guidelines. The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (RSP) maintains an extensive list of policies, guidance documents, and frequently asked questions related to research administration. For comprehensive resources related to research administration information, visit RSP’s Policies & Procedures website.

The following is a selection of commonly-sought research administration policies and procedures:

Research Administration Policies & Procedures

Research Administration Policies and Procedures

Research Administration Policy / ProcedureInformation About...Link
UW Board of Regents Policy 342: Extramural Support AdministrationUW System policy that drives many of the below policies regarding research administrationUW System Policy 342
Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI)
What constitutes a financial conflict of interest, who must report, how often, etc.FCOI Resources
Outside Activity Reporting (OAR)File a new OAR report or update an existing reportOAR
Effort and Effort ReportingWhy effort must be reported, by whom, and how it is reportedEffort Reporting
Indirect CostsCampus indirect cost rate policyIndirect Costs
Tuition RemissionTuition remission requirements and ratesTuition Remission
SubawardsWhat is needed to include a Subaward on your projectSubawards
Hosting Meetings/Conferences on sponsored projectsGuidance about how to budget and pay for hosted meetings for sponsored projectsMeetings
Gifts vs Sponsored ProjectsDetermining whether funds should be handled as a gift vs sponsored projectGift
Bayh-Dole Act ComplianceWhat are faculty, staff, student responsibilities for Bayh-Dole Act complianceBayh-Dole Act Compliance
Principal Investigator (PI) Status, UW-Madison PolicyEligibility criteria and process for obtaining PI status for non-faculty membersPI Status
Principal Investigator (PI) Status, SoHE ProcessSoHE process for requesting Limited PI StatusSoHE Process, Limited PI Status
Limited Competition, SoHE ProcessSoHE process for conducting a limited competition. This process will be used when a sponsor or OVCRGE limits the number of applications from a School/College or academic unit.SoHE Process, Limited Competition Grant