Part of our mission is to provide a population and a setting for UW faculty and students to conduct research on issues related to child development, early learning, and family studies.  Projects can be observational or participatory.

For Permission

Researchers observing Child Development Lab

If you are interested in recruiting Child Development Lab children, families, or staff for research purposes, you will first need to get permission from the Executive Director of the UW Child Development Lab, Amy Lee Wagner.
Amy will review all protocols and then, following consultation with the center director and the research faculty director, decide if you can proceed.
Please submit the following via e-mail attachment or hard copy to:

For all research protocols:

  • UW IRB approval notice.
  • Copy of approved consent form (stamped, if applicable).
  • Abstract of the study (so we can post it on our Web site for parents).
  • Description of recruitment procedures.

For research protocols involving direct contact with children in the centers:

  • In addition to the above information, a description of procedures used with the children.
  • A background disclosure form for each person who has direct contact with the children. Click here to download a background disclosure form.
  • A check for $10 per form payable to UW Child Development Lab (or if you have a 144 account and you would like us to bill your grant, please contact Natalie Feggestad

Research Resources

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