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The school is open equally to University and Non-University affiliated parents.

Children do not have to be toilet trained to attend the program.

The UW Child Development Lab is in compliance with the equal opportunity policy and standards of all applicable local, State and Federal statutes and regulations relating to nondiscrimination in employment and service delivery based on protected status.  Protected status includes age, race, color, disability, association with a person with a disability, gender, creed or religious conviction, national origin and ancestry, physical condition, arrest or conviction record, sexual orientation, marital status, source of income, physical appearance, political beliefs, familial status, student status (as defined in MGO 39.03) or military participation. No otherwise qualified applicant for services or service recipient shall be excluded from participation, be denied benefits, or otherwise be subject to discrimination in any manner on the basis of a protected status. This policy covers eligibility for and access to service delivery in all of our programs contracted and services provided directly.

Enrollment opportunities shall not be denied because of the need to make reasonable accommodations to an individual’s disability.

Contract Options

On March 1st of each year, current parents are automatically offered a contract for the next academic year period and for the summer program (if applicable); they do not need to re-apply.

Since August 2017, the part time schedule (8:30-2:30) is phased out and is no longer available to newly enrolling families. If a current parent with the “grandfathered” part time schedule wants to switch to full time, they will have the opportunity to request a change at this time. Remaining vacancies are filled from people who apply during the open enrollment period and from the waiting list.

Children 6 wks- 3 years
A 42 week academic year contract plus all 9 weeks of summer. Note:  We are closed the week of July 4th.  Tuition is not charged for this week.
Preschool children ages 3 – 5 years
A 42 week academic year contract AND An optional 0-3 session summer contract.  Each session is 3 weeks in length. Parents enrolling in fewer than 3 sessions of the summer program, and who are holding a space for their child in the next academic year program, must pay a summer holding fee. Note:  We are closed the week of July 4th.  Tuition is not charged for this week.

Application Process & Timeline

All UW Campus Child Care programs are now using an online application system through the UW Office of Child Care and Family Resources. When you apply online you will be redirected to the OCCFR website and will be able to choose the UW Child Development Lab from the list of options.

Changes in tuition rates are typically posted each February and vacancies are posted on March 14th, after current families have re-enrolled. There is no advantage to new families getting your application in at the start of the application period, as all applications received January 1st-March 23rd will be equally eligible in the lottery for enrollment each year.

Application Fees:
* $25/per center: Initial application fee PER center you apply for
* $10/center: RENEWAL fee. All applications expire on December 31, each year, but you will have the opportunity to renew your application ($10/center) to remain on the list.

Please read about the timeline and process here and then click on the ONLINE APPLICATION.

Weekly Tuition Rates (Infant – Preschool)

August 19, 2019-August 14, 2020

Enrollment Forms

Once children have been accepted into the program and a contract has been signed, a link to complete online forms will be sent to the family. Completion of online records is required before the child’s first day of attendance.    

In addition, the family must have the child’s physician, assistant or health check provider sign the Child Health Report Form.

Each child under 2 years of age must have an initial health examination not more than 6 months prior to nor later than 3 months after being admitted to the center, and have a follow-up health exam at least once every 6 months after admission.

Except for a school-age child, each child 2 years of age and older shall have an initial health examination not more than one year prior to nor later than 3 months after being admitted to the center, and a follow-up health examination at least once every 2 years after admission.

All staff members, student teachers, or researchers who have access to children’s records are prohibited from discussing or disclosing personal information regarding the children or facts learned about children and their relatives.  Parents may request to see records and reports maintained on their own child.