Fox Classroom

Fox Room

Each classroom has an opening and closing Teacher and part time Assistant Teachers. Each classroom is supported by an Administrative Resource Teacher who subs for teachers when they are on vacation or ill.

book area and couch

housekeeping area

view from art area into housekeeping/book area

A Typical Day for a Child in the Fox Classroom

7 :30-10:00Room activities with snack as a choice
9:30Diaper check
10:00-10:15Clean up
10:15-11:00Outdoor activities
11:00-11:15Transition including bathroom time and books on the rug
11:15-11:30Group Activity (story, songs, movement, exploration)
11:30-11:45Wash hands and prepare for lunch
11:45-12:30Lunch (parents provide)
12:30-12:45Bathroom, transition to nap time
1:15-2:15Quiet table activities for awake children (lights dim, some children are sleeping)
2:15-2:30Wake-up/get-up transition (2:30 children depart)
2:30-4:00Room activities with snack as a choice2:45-3:00:  Diaper check
4:00-4:15Clean up
4:15-4:30Story time
4:30-5:30Outdoor Activities (5:30 children depart)
5:30Center closed