The P.O.W.E.R. Collective

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Critical Research//Community Engagement//Radical Advancement


To produce, support, and disseminate critical scholarship and community action projects led by students, community members, and professionals of color at UW-Madison and throughout the state of Wisconsin.


  • To engage in culturally-appropriate and liberatory research, direct action, and community-based work that is centered around most impacted students and community members of color.
  • To establish the long-term sustainability of the research center which includes, but is not limited to, funded positions for students and community members of color in Madison.
  • To create a community-academic partnership that foregrounds community members and students of color as expert practitioners and producers of knowledge with a focus on channeling culturally diverse knowledge production and research throughout Madison, WI.
  • To ground all work in, and operate from, a social-justice and intersectional framework that uplifts and supports our most impacted communities of color such as women of color, queer, gender non-conforming, and differently-abled individuals.

The P.O.W.E.R. Collective will serve as a collective space at UW-Madison – housed in the School of Human Ecology (SoHe) Civil Society and Community Research (CSCR) department – to support research, political and community action programs, and professional development for and by communities of color. In response to the long-term and increasingly visible violence against people and communities of color, P.O.W.E.R. – a collective of scholar-activists/organizers and community leaders – will work to develop a common agenda and take on mutually reinforcing activities within the areas of research, direct political and community action, and professional development toward our collective liberation.