EcoYou Course

DBA Inter-HE 201: Belonging, Purpose & the Ecology of Human Happiness

In fall 2015, SoHE launched a new course for first-year-students. Belonging, Purpose, and the Ecology of Human Happiness—or EcoYou—is a popular interdisciplinary course that blends all four human ecology departments. Created and instructed by cross-departmental representatives , this school-wide “labor of love” has steadily grown in popularity and is often wait listed.

What is EcoYou?

EcoYou enrollment growth chart

According to the original developers of the course, individuals are embedded in a web of ever-evolving, interconnected networks. People are not “islands.” They are each an EcoYou.

From the microbes that inhabit our guts to political revolutions sparked by a tweet, human lives are embedded in an ecology of complex, interdependent systems. Using multiple disciplinary perspectives, the EcoYou course addresses basic questions about personal and collective flourishing and the greater good by placing students into the ever-evolving web of human ecology.

EcoYou challenges students to connect their academic learning to their own lives in an exploration of the art and science of purposeful living. Online multimedia resources free up class meeting time for in-depth discussions and peer-to-peer learning in a small seminar format. Opportunities are in place to build community while developing active, collaborative and engaged learning skills that lead to success in college and beyond.

In EcoYou, using both an academic and personal lens, students explore topics of:

  • identity and self-presentation
  • purpose and meaning
  • belonging and connection
  • relationships
  • civic responsibility
  • power and privilege