FLS Courses

Students in CS321 classThe Financial Life Skills program is comprised of two one-credit classes offered to undergraduate students to provide the knowledge and tools needed to successfully manage personal finances during and after college. These are blended courses with multi-media lectures online and practical applications in class.

FLS utilizes peer educators along with consumer finance professionals to furnish students with a high-engagement experience. In the classroom students are assigned to small pods (5-7 students) headed up by a peer educator. An Instructor who guides the course content and discussions runs each class.

About the Courses:

Freshman and sophomores: Consumer Science 111 for Undergraduates (click for The Guide listing)

  • Financial value and empowerment
  • Your mind and money
  • Budgets and savings
  • Banking
  • Credit cards and loans
  • Insurance basics
  • Taxes
  • Investment basics

Juniors and seniors: Consumer Science 321 for Life After Graduation (click for The Guide listing)

  • Money, habits and attitudes
  • Managing debt
  • Your future paycheck and taxes
  • Employer provided benefits
  • Retirement and investing
  • Housing and autos
  • Insurance
  • Major life event

FLS is taught by consumer finance professionals. Many are Certified Financial Planners (CFPs), financial advisors, academics and others who have a high degree of training working with individuals and families.

For more information, contact:

Linda Lepe,CFP®, Director, Financial Life Skills Program | linda.lepe@wisc.edu | 608.890.3025