Badger$ense Financial Life Skills Courses

Students in CS321 class

The Badger$ense Financial Life Skills coursework is comprised of two one-credit classes that furnish undergraduate students the knowledge and tools they need to successfully manage their personal finances during and after college. These are blended courses, with multimedia lectures online and practical application exercises in class.

Badger$ense Financial Life Skills utilizes Badger$ense Peer Coaches alongside consumer finance professionals to furnish students with a high-engagement experience. In the classroom, these professionals direct instruction and discussions, and Badger$ense Peer Coaches assist by leading small pods of five to seven students.

About the Courses:

Freshman and Sophomores: Consumer Science 111 for Undergraduates

Topics include:

  • Financial value and empowerment
  • Your mind and money
  • Budgets and savings
  • Banking
  • Credit cards and loans
  • Insurance basics
  • Taxes
  • Investment basics

Juniors and Seniors: Consumer Science 321 for Life After Graduation

Topics include:

  • Money, habits and attitudes
  • Managing debt
  • Your future paycheck and taxes
  • Employer provided benefits
  • Retirement and investing
  • Housing and autos
  • Insurance
  • Major life event


Badger$ense Financial Life Skills is taught by experienced consumer finance professionals. Many are Certified Financial Planners (CFPs), financial advisors, or academics who have a high degree of training working with individuals and families.


Linda Lepe,CFP®, Director, Badger$ense Financial Life Skills Program | | 608.890.3025