Design Thinking Courses

SoHE Classes in Design Thinking

SoHE offers a series of courses that teach students about design thinking models, qualitative research methods, problem finding and framing, analysis and synthesis of research, reflective thinking, ideation and creativity techniques, experimentation and rapid prototyping, collaborative skills and techniques, the value of iterative design, and identifying unique points of view.

Students working on whiteboards.

Consumer Strategy & Evaluation

CNSR CSI 555, 3 credits
In this course students learn how to leverage a unique combination of design thinking and strategic planning to design, prototype and test solutions to real problems faced by communities, businesses, people and organizations.

Design Thinking for Transformation

DS 341, 3 credits
Students will innovate, prototype, and test designs that address real-word problems with real-world constraints. Projects range from ways to encourage healthy eating to buying local to improving sales for farmers.