Design Thinking

Design Thinking: a process for the curious—an asset on your resume

The chaos of invention? The realms of boundless creativity? They’re not just for the mad-scientist tinkerer or artistic types. They’re for you.

What the world needs—and today’s job market demands—is inquisitive outside-the-box problem solvers and people who flow with possibilities. To help you be in demand, SoHE is launching a program around Design Thinking, a mindset, skill set and toolkit for innovating the future—no matter your major or career track.

Design Thinking is a dynamic creative process that uses design strategy, a diverse cross-functional team, and empathy for the human experience to develop and implement innovative practical solutions. 

If you’re planning to work in an industry that creates products or programs, finds solutions, uses systems, serves people, or needs fresh ideas to improve old constructs— hmm, let’s see, that pretty much covers every industry—Design Thinking is a trending and valuable resume asset. You’ll see it in job descriptions for positions, at all levels, on all career paths—scientist, brand manager, software designer, art director, financial services specialist, interior architect, engineer, librarian, nonprofit program manager, social innovator, and leadership roles, to name just a few. What does Design Thinking solve? All kinds of issues.

That’s why it’s relevant to all students—not just SoHE majors. It’s also why the program is so uniquely at-home here at the School of Human Ecology, where the web of human experience interconnects us, at the heart, to all matters. It happens in the most beautiful, thoughtfully designed building on campus—and our soon-to-launch Innovation Lab (Fall 2020)—a creative generation space as inspired as the Design Thinking process it supports. But we’re not waiting: SoHE students and professors have already started, using Design Thinking on projects that solve real problems around the world—such as clean water and health care access. (Read about them here!)

So join us. Be curious, think bigger, solve better, move the world forward. Be a possibilist. Become a Design Thinker.