Engaged Research

The Center for Community and Nonprofit Studies (the “CommNS”) conducts engaged research on key focus areas related to community well-being and the third sector.  This research usually involves a contributions from community partners and campus research teams.  The CommNS is able to leverage its platform within a large “R1” research institution and major flagship university to provide high-quality research support and infrastructure to advance projects that benefit community partners.  All Affiliates of the CommNS are invited to propose projects to the CommNS and take advantage of the CommNS pre-award support to prepare submissions.  

For information about past and current sponsored programs and engaged research projects hosted by the CommNS, please see: the Centers of Excellence 2015-16 Annual Report; the Centers of Excellence 2016-17 Annual Report 

Wisconsin Idea Exchange

Looking for campus-community partnerships? Sign up for the Wisconsin Idea Exchange Database from the Morgridge Center for Public Service! It’s a great resource for faculty, staff, and community organizations to connect with those at UW-Madison and beyond.