Opportunities for Students

No matter your passion or your major at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, there is a career for you in retail!  The retailing industry allows you to pick your passion and pursue it down an exciting career path, filled with endless opportunities. Please contact retail@sohe.wisc.edu to learn more about these opportunities and brainstorm the best way for you to connect to the retailing industry. The possibilities are endless!

Explore Retail

Not sure where to start? Check out these resources about careers in the retailing industry from the National Retail Federation (NRF). We also recommend signing up for the NRF Student Association (it’s free!) and for their newsletters to stay up-to-date on current trends and industry career information.


Picture of Personal Finance classroom.Retail Leadership Symposium

The 1-credit Retail Leadership Symposium (Consumer Science 250) course meets every semester on Wednesdays and helps students to explore the many facets of the retail industry. Students will examine their opinions about the industry and spend time with executives and reading to broaden their opinion of what the industry is and the many career opportunities that exist within it.


Robot at NRF BIG ShowStudent Retail Association

The Student Retail Association is a student organization designed to develop the future leaders of the retail industry. Through networking trips (such as our annual trek to NYC), workshops, and community service events, members are equipped with a well-rounded knowledge of the retail industry locally, nationally, and internationally.  Students in the organization come from various backgrounds, pursuing degrees in retail, business, or even engineering, but all sharing a passion for retail. Email sramadison1@gmail.com to connect.

NRF Student Challenge TeamCase Competitions & Scholarships

Explore the retailing industry first-hand, develop valuable career experiences, and network with industry executives by participating in a case competition. Each year, students from various majors at the University of Wisconsin-Madison participate and place nationally amongst their peers in experiences such as the Ray Greenly Scholarship, NRF Student Challenge, Next Generation Scholarship, YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund, and various challenges with retailers such as Macy’s, Kohl’s, and Lands’ End.

UW-Madison Retail students and Zhejiang International Studies University (ZISU)Conferences, Corporate Visits & Study Abroad

Immerse yourself in the retailing industry through experiential learning  at a conference, trade show, corporate visit, or study abroad opportunity.  Meet industry leaders, explore retailing companies, and learn about career and industry trends. Annually, UW students attend the National Retail Federation Student Program, as well as a variety of industry trade shows such as MAGIC and International Home & Housewares. Students also travel locally and across the United States for corporate visits, as well as internationally on the Trends in Europe summer trip and Experience China semester abroad. There’s an opportunity for everyone!