Mind-Body & Family Well-being Initiative

The Mind-Body and Family Well-being Initiative

A joint initiative between the Center for Child and Family Well-being in the School of Human Ecology and the Center for Investigating Healthy Minds at the Waisman Center

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The goals of the Mind-Body and Family Well-being Initiative are to:

  • Improve the relationships and well-being of children and families through innovative interventions,
  • Provide high impact learning experiences and training for students,
  • Increase the visibility and impact of research through additional faculty, funded developmental, family, and intervention research, and funded graduate trainees.

Current collaborative events include:

  • The Conference for Contemplative Practices to Promote Child and Family well-being:
    • View Richard Davidson’s presentation here
    • View Mark Greenberg’s presentation here
  • Certain lectures within the Families and Well-being seminar series such as:
  • Collaborative research studies include:
    • Contemplative Practices with High Risk Preschoolers
    • Compassionate Parenting
    • Graduate Student Meditation Outreach Project.

In addition, the Initiative has founded two endowed chair positions in the Human Development and Family Studies department.