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Families and the people who serve them often have difficulty accessing research information and using it to improve practices, policies, and the lives of families. At the same time, the quality and relevance of research are significantly enhanced when it is informed by families and those who work with them. The Center acts as a vehicle through which the University is able to create and share knowledge as well as capitalize on expertise found outside the University to promote healthy human development and family life. The Center provides research opportunities for faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students in departments across the UW-Madison campus in cooperation with researchers and policymakers in state and federal government, foundations, and community-based nonprofit organizations. Undergraduate collaborations with community-based organizations include opportunities to provide counseling and education in local communities, as well as independent studies and internships.


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The Center for Child and Family Well-Being seeks to respond to critical issues faced by family members and those who serve them. Specific goals include:

  1. Being a multidisciplinary leader in family studies and programs with a focus on the well-being and development of individuals and families in Wisconsin and the world;
  2. Conducting high quality applied research that furthers the understanding of family issues and well-being;
  3. Providing a platform for the dissemination and integration of best practices through outreach to practitioners and policymakers;
  4. Training the next generation of practitioners, policy makers and researchers on issues related to individual and family well-being; and
  5. Coordinating use of the Frances and Elliot Lehman Family Research Center.

Center Staff

Julie Poehlmann


Julie Poehlmann-Tynan, Director




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Larissa Duncan, Associate Director




Ashleigh Grendziak.


Ashleigh Grendziak, Project Assistant




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