Helen Louise Allen Textile Collection

Lynn Mecklenburg Textile Gallery

Intersections: Indigenous Textiles of the Americas


September 5 – December 6, 2019 | Guest curated by Jane and David C. Villa

Indigenous scholars Kendra Greendeer (Ho-Chunk) and Dakota Mace (Diné) co-curate an exhibition exploring material interrelationships among cultures with long histories of exchange throughout the Americas. Select textiles and objects from the Helen Louise Allen Textile Collection and the Little Eagle Arts Foundation, a Ho-Chunk arts organization, provide a deeper understanding of the intersecting lifeways, movement, and stories of people throughout the western hemisphere and spanning more than a thousand years of history.

This exhibition was developed with the support of Jane and David C. Villa and is part of a series of exhibitions in celebration of the Helen Louise Allen Textile Collection’s 50th Anniversary.

About the Collection Over the past half century, the collection has grown from an original 4,000-piece gift to more than 13,000 objects that have inspired and informed thousands of students, researchers, historians, and textile aficionados. The new Lynn Mecklenburg Textile Gallery is a permanent space dedicated to year-round displays of the collection.


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Close up detail of free lace with floral and leaf motifs in whole and half stitches. The motifs are joined by plaiting with picots.

Lace Exhibit – Sweeney Collection
February 6 – May 10


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