Design Studies Masters in Fine Arts Exhibition

April 27 – May 17, 2019

Opening Reception: Thurs, May 2, 5-7 pm
MFA Exhibition 2019

Earthly Remains Exhibition Premiers

in the Ruth Davis Design Gallery

The Ruth Davis Gallery is pleased to present Earthly Remains, a group exhibition featuring works by Larissa Cangussu, Dakota Mace (Diné), and Emily Popp. The Design Studies Masters of Fine Arts exhibition opens Saturday, April 27, and runs through Friday, May 17, 2019. The opening reception is Thursday, May 2, 2019, from 5 – 7 pm.

Each of the three MFA artists examines the transformation of space, materials, and processes through creative practice with the intent of creating moments of connection through objects and the memories held within them.

Larissa Cangussu’s work parallels the Brumadinho dam collapse (Brazil, January 25, 2019) and the deaths that followed. It is an intimate look into her own loss while creating a space for healing. She elicits the process of extracting minerals from the earth, connecting it to the transcendence of the body into the spirit, and the preciousness of memories.

Dakota Mace’s (Diné) work focuses on objects that mimic the landscape of Dinétah(Navajo homeland) throughmeditative processes of traditional and non-traditional art forms. The Dinétahholds the memories of Diné(Navajo) ancestors and Mace creates a space that is reminiscent of keyáh(land) in relationship to yákʼaashbąąh(horizon). Each object is creating a connection to her ancestors, her home and the narratives that exist within a nááda’iiniihgóó(place).

Emily Popp’s work focuses on the communication of everyday objects through the process of restructuring recycled clothing into new forms. With each discarded item, there is an unknowable history and story that connects us to its inherited memory. The forms created provide a potential to give new life to the old, and open a window into the living history of these objects.

About the Design Gallery

Each year the Design Gallery showcases the final, degree-fulfilling work of MFA candidates from the Design Studies Program. The exhibition is the culmination of three years of intensive work as each candidate launches their formal career as an artist-designer.

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