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NOTE: Gallery currently closed due to COVID-19 recommendations.

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Harmony and Evolution: An Exhibition of the Chinese-American Art Faculty Association

February 26 – April 5, 2020

Artwork by Xia Gao, "Beauty in Vacancy #1" (2019).

Xia Gao. Beauty in Vacancy #1. 2019. Installation view. Image courtesy of the artist.

Work by art and design faculty from across the country that addresses the issue of how art and design express cultural integration and creativity. Learn more.

What Would a Microbe Say?


crocheted membranes of human limbs

“Crocheted membrane,” by Sonja Bäumel.

Austrian artist Sonja Bäumel, collaborating with Dr. Helen Blackwell of the UW–Madison Department of Chemistry, explores the perception of what bodies are made of through microbes and the body’s surface. Learn more.


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Ruth Davis Design Gallery

Currently closed due to COVID-19 recommendations


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