The School of Human Ecology awards up to 50 scholarships each year for SoHE students. On average, students receive $2,000 per scholarship. Visit the Scholarships @ UW-Madison website for a complete listing of SoHE’s undergraduate scholarships. Please note that not all scholarships are offered each year.

Scholarship Eligibility

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Current SoHE student at UW-Madison
  • In good academic standing
  • Full-time student (12-18 credits) during the fall semester when payments are distributed

NOTE: Incoming freshman at UW-Madison are NOT eligible to apply for SoHE scholarships.

Scholarship Application Process

SoHE uses the campus-wide Common Scholarship Application, which means students only complete one application for all SoHE scholarships and are matched behind the scenes with scholarships for which they meet the criteria. The Common Scholarship Application is found via the “Visit My Scholarships” link on

The scholarship application for Fall 2017 is open from October 6, 2017 to December 8, 2017. All current SoHE students will receive an email with more information on the date the application opens.

The application itself includes:

  • Answers to a variety of matching questions
  • 1 recommendation – you will solicit one person (preferably a faculty member) to serve as a recommender; this person will answer some questions related to your candidacy for SoHE scholarships
  • 2 short essays
  • Online profile (found in online application)

Selection Process and Notification

The SoHE Awards Committee reviews applications annually. This committee is comprised of a faculty member from each SoHE department, one instructional/research academic staff member, and one staff member from the Student Academic Affairs & Career Development Office. Selection of recipients is based on set scholarship criteria and can include academic achievement, qualifications, financial need, community involvement, leadership experience, career aspirations, and applicable extenuating circumstances.

Once award decisions are made, students are notified regarding the outcome of their application by April.

Payment Distribution

Scholarship recipients receive scholarship awards during the following fall semester. The scholarship amount is deposited into Student Center 2-3 weeks into the semester. Please note that awards to international students must be paid via the payroll system; therefore, those payments may be delayed by a week or two. International student awards are also taxed per US law.

Application Assistance

If you have questions on the SoHE scholarship application, please contact the SoHE Scholarship Coordinator at