As a SoHE major, internships are a requirement of your undergraduate curriculum. Students must have at least a junior standing (54+ credits) in order to pursue a 3-credit internship and must complete a minimum of 150 hours at the internship site. To be eligible, an internship must be educational in nature, directly relate to a student’s major and career goals, and be approved by the Student Academic Affairs & Career Development Office. Please refer to the criteria prior to submitting the appropriate Internship Verification Form:

You will be notified within 5-10 business days via email on your approval status. If approved, you will be able to add the concurrent internship course for your major to your schedule on or after your enrollment appointment time.

SoHE students may take the internship course within their major up to two times; however, credit cannot be earned more than once for the same internship experience. A second internship will only be approved for credit if it meets our criteria and is a distinctly different experience than the first internship.

Expectations of Internship Supervisors

During your internship, please refer to the professional expectations students should share with their supervisors to meet the School of Human Ecology’s standards. If an internship site requires that an Educational Affiliation Agreement be set in place prior to the start of the internship, students should contact advisor Renee Smith as soon as possible to begin the process.

Past Internship Sites by Major

To view previous internship sites by major to aid in your search, download the following PDF files below.

Community & Nonprofit Leadership PDF

Human Development & Family Studies PDF

Interior Architecture PDF

Personal Finance PDF

Retailing & Consumer Behavior PDF

Textiles & Fashion Design PDF

Internships Abroad

If you’re considering an internship abroad to satisfy the requirement, please contact the International Internship Program (IIP) to research potential internship opportunities outside of the country. We strongly encourage meeting with an IIP advisor before accepting an internship position abroad.