Product Development Strategies in Retailing Course Connects with Industry

Lands End CTC

The Consumer Science course, Product Development Strategies in Retail, connected with industry in many ways this semester. The course is arranged in four modules: market trend analysis, assortment planning strategies, sourcing and production strategies and branding strategies.

Students presenting Trend / Inspiration boards:

Students presenting trend board       Student presenting trend boards      Student presenting trend boards

Class field trip to Lands’ End Corporate office.
Students learned about Lands’ End “Concept to Consumer Process”
including design, merchandising, sourcing and marketing:

 Welcome to Lands End UW

      Lands End CTCDesign, Merchandising, Sourcing and Marketing at Lands' End        Design, Merchandising, Sourcing and Marketing at Lands' End

Guest presenters:  Kari Holte, Product Manager for Kohl’s; Keith Hoover,
VP Manufacturing Innovation & Development for Under Armour,
Christian Schauf, entreperneuer and developer of many successful products, services and brands (Crispin Cider, Uncharted Supply Co., & many more);
Kelly York and Kyle Maden, Production Managers for Kohl’s,
and Bruce Ross, Traub Celebrity

Keith Hoover Under Armour presentation     Christian Schauf presentation

Kohls Production Presentation     Bruce Ross TRAUB Celebrity

Thank you to our industry partners and guest presenters for helping to provide industry insight about Product Development Strategies in Retail!

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