Personal Branding 101 with Milwaukee Tool

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Written by students Kelli Krueger, Brighid Pesch, Lexi Cuta, Lexi Hoffman, Kristen Cobb, Mariela Cruz, Rachel Samdahl, Breanna Blazei, Adam Hlavacek, Brent Larson, Jasmine Zeidan and Emily Toboyek

The Retail Leadership Symposium class welcomed Badger alum Jon Finch, VP of Training and Recruiting from Milwaukee Tool on November 16, 2016. Milwaukee Tool is a company based out of Brookfield, WI that produces and sells power tools, hardware accessories, and more. Jon did an outstanding job and presented the importance of personal branding- how you present yourself to the world around you. He went in depth on how branding yourself is extremely similar in the way that top companies like Milwaukee Tool have branded their own products and services to the general public. Jon posed ways that students can think about how they present their public self, attitudes and beliefs going forward into the professional world.

Jon led students through a Jon Finch of Milwaukee Toolpersonal branding exercise where they were prompted to identify a word/phrase they would use to describe themselves through their own perspective, as well as their family, friends, and coworkers. Jon highlighted that these words/phrases should represent throughout and be similar. He explained that these personal brand attributes should align with the everyday brands people choose to represent.

Jon’s presentation really challenged students to think about how they present themselves and how important it is to have a strong personal brand. Students walked away from his presentation motivated to start working on and improving each of their own individual brands. Their eyes were also opened up to the fact that there is often a disconnect between what what their family, friends, co-workers, think of them and what they think of themselves. They now realize that they must work to make sure their brand is consistent and can be seen as they same by everyone. Lastly, Jon stressed the importance of networking and how it can help students and their personal brand. Students now know that they must make an effort to make connections and network to lead them on the road to success and a strong personal brand.

Overall, Jon’s presentation was eye-opening and students walked away from the class with the motivation to start caring about and developing their own STRONG personal brands. It was nothing but a pleasant experience and we hope to have Jon and Milwaukee Tool back to speak to us again in the near future!

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