One SoHE Dialogue Recap and Self-Care@SoHE Resources!

The One SoHE Dialogue on Self-Care and Social Justice held last Friday October 28th was a historic event for our school and kudos to our SoHE student facilitators Daria Powell and Emma Cox for facilitating the dialogue! 
This was a significant dialogue for our school and it was meaningful to have representation and voice from SoHE undergrads, grads, faculty, staff, and administration to continue to move SoHE towards being a community that creates space for self-care and collective-care that centers justice, healing, love, wholeness, and inclusion especially for those with marginalized identities.
Here are a few points of continuing this One SoHE Dialogue…
1.  EcoWell and the Centers of Excellence will be offering another One SoHE Dialogue in the Spring so please send feedback on any ideas you have for topics to ecowellsohe@gmail.comdialogue Ecowell
2. Those who attended the dialogue created a leaf with their name and a self-care intention or reminder which are now a part of our EcoWell Tree Community Art Project that is growing in the EcoWell Studio (Room 1107) For those who could not attend please visit the EcoWell Studio soon to add your leaf to our tree!
3. EcoWell currently has a few offerings for self-care@SoHE including continuing to have the SoHE community discover its EcoWell Studio (Room 1107) SoHE’s NEW space for personal and contemplative practice and community organizing.  We are so lucky to have a space like this in the school and let’s see how you may want to use it to support your own self-care needs. Please fill out the Personal Access Agreement form at the EcoWell Studio so that you can use the space for self-care practices whenever you need to as you will have key card access to the space!
The EcoWell Studio also includes a resource center with hard copies of every article on the resource list that was handed out at the dialogue, de-stressing coloring opportunities, cat stickers, free tea, and please bring any resources you want to add!  Finally, EcoWell offers free yoga and meditation every week and has some significant upcoming workshops on restorative justice, and steps toward an inclusive SoHE.  All the info for these offerings can be found at our website

Here are some Self-Care and Social Justice Resources

Academic Articles

Berila, Beth. (2014) Contemplating the Effects of Oppression: Integrating Mindfulness into Diversity Classrooms. The Journal of Contemplative Inquiry. Vol 1, no. 1.

Chen, C. W. and Gorski, P. C. (2015). Burnout in Social Justice and Human Rights Activists: Symptoms, Causes and Implications. Journal of Human Rights Practice Vol. 0. Number 0.

Prilleltensky, I. (2011). Wellness as Fairness. American Journal of Community Psychology. Vol 49, Issue 1-2. March 2012 Pages 1-21.

Popular Pieces

The Case for “Calling in Black”: Why We Must Take Time to Tend To Our Racial Trauma

The Modern Violence of Over-Work

Compassion Fatigue

Self-Care for Woke Folks

Self-Preservation as Resistance

“Where do we go from Here?”  by Martin Luther King Jr.

Other Resources

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Improving the Educational Experience
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