Maurices Introduces Students to Women’s Specialty Retail

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By students Emily Izenman, Elizabeth Stecker, Jessica Boruff, Trent Watt, Jessica Hackel, Destiny Rodriguez, Lindsey Wolfe, Michelle Smith, Claire Conroy, Zachary Theide, Nicole Smith, Jake Murray & Mark Herzberg

On Wednesday, September 21st, speakers Katie Wicklund (Recruiting Specialist), Andrew Ross (Director, Real Estate), Lucas Chubiz (Merchant Training Specialist), and Cecilia Kushava (Area Sales Leader), from Maurices women’s clothing store spoke to our Retail Leadership Symposium class. In a short hour and fifteen minutes, we were able to grasp information about the fast paced and hard working retail world.

MaMaurices Presenterurices is a women’s clothing store that is doing extremely well in the market and is expected to reach 1000 stores this upcoming fall. With a well-rounded company culture, strong community engagement, and unique retail strategies, Maurices is proud to be a part of a top retail brand in America. 

This company cares deeply about every establishment they open, and tries to create a positive experience at every store. One of the ways they do this is by having Zone Sales Leaders, Market Sales Leaders and Area Sales Leaders. A person operating ZSL will be in charge of 100’s of stores, and is looking at more of the bigger picture. A MSL owns around a hundred stores, while a ASL owns only a few. By doing so, employees can concentrate on increasing the morale on specific stores, creating a pleasant and consistent shopping experience that consumers strive for no matter what store they are in across the country.

Maurices operates a part of a group called the Ascena Retail Group which owns other big retailers such as Ann Taylor, Catherines, dressbarn, Justice, Lane Bryant, Loft, Lou and Grey, and Maurices. Being apart of this “family,” as they called it, allows each store within Ascena to have a support base and strong partnership. None of the stores ever are against one another in the market, they all have different styles and target markets so they only really help each other out. For example, if Ann Taylor (women’s retail store) found a retail strategy that worked well, they might pass that on to Justice (girls retail store), who will benefit and create a better retailing strategy for their store.Maurice's HQ

A last big takeaway that we have learned from this presentation is how invested Maurices is in their community. They not only care about their associates but their customers and surrounding community members too. This company truly values work life balance, which is why they have invested 80 million dollars into a corporate headquarters that essentially feels like home. It has a “living room” and everything! They also explained that store managers only work 40-hour weeks, which is absolutely unheard of in this business especially around holiday season. They have multiple levels of managers throughout the nation that make sure to provide the most excellent service to each person that enters their store. At a higher corporate level, these teams make sure no matter what size or shape, the consumer will be able to find what she loves and feel great in it.

Maurices is also highly dedicated to their surrounding community. They pride themselves in being able to own several different communal projects such as conducting a school drive and volunteering at the Women’s Shelter to give back in a unique way to each community they are located in!

In general, we loved hearing from Maurices and are excited to hear from them in the future!

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