Lands’ End Wows In Symposium

Lands End table talk

On September 17, Talent Management Senior Director, Adrienne Bestul brought Merchants, Regi Schiel, Eric Schoenerr, Alex Kirwan, Jessica Lottinville, and Ashley Topash and Interns, Leah Campbell, Claire Krzykowski, and Kailey Lancello to speak on behalf of Lands’ End to the Retail Symposium Leadership class.   Adrienne explained one of Lands’ End beliefs:

“Do what’s right for the customer, and the rest will take care of itself.”

One of the guiding phrases often used at Lands’ End is “Quality, value, service, guaranteed period.” Adrienne also explained that Lands’ End is invested in sustainability, and that they have planted thousands of trees in northern Wisconsin to offset their carbon footprint. After Adrienne gave the class an overview on Lands’ End, the class broke into smaller groups so that each merchant could rotate around the room and answer students’ specific career questions. It was interesting to hear from merchants of varying backgrounds and to hear how they got to where they are now. Students were able to hear why they enjoyed working at Lands’ End also. One of the merchants, Alex, explained why he liked working for the company:

“We are about to start the next era at Lands’ End, and it is something I want to be a part of.”

Overall, the class learned a lot about Lands’ End and about the job of a merchant in a multichannel retailing company. It was a hands-on and interesting class period, and it was beneficial to hear from so many different people from Lands’ End!

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