Kohl’s: Making a Difference in the Community

Kohl's Department Store

Retail Leadership Symposium (Consumer Science 250)
By Students: Claire Zettl, Julia Zerull, Brenden Zarrinnam, Lauren Zanotelli, Anna Zahn, Kelsey Yanisch, Xingtong Xu, Emma Woods, Kristin Wolfe, Megan Whitehouse, Naomi Welter, Matthew Watters

The Retail Leadership Symposium class welcomed Kohl’s on January 25, 2017. Mike Tack (Senior Manager- Early Talent), Melissa Smith (University Relations Recruiter), Alicia Thelen (Assistant Buyer), and Lexy Rast (Product Development Coordinator) engaged the class with an informative presentation about one of the leading retailers in the country. They covered a vast variety of topics that included internship opportunities for students, how they are working to further engage customers, and possible career options for post graduates. Here are our top takeaways:

Kohl’s Cares!
Kohl’s is definitely a company that takes pride in what they do. Not only are they an extremely successful retailer, but they also make a difference in our community. Kohl’s goes above and beyond as a retailer. They are known for participating in programs outside the office, like their Volunteer Program, where associates donate their personal time to help local communities and organizations. Kohl’s cares! Not only do they care about their customers, but they also value their workers as well. They challenges their workers on a daily basis so they become stronger leaders and have a finer work ethic. New innovative ideas are introduced everyday leading to better opportunities for the workforce as a whole. The workforce retention rate shows how much Kohl’s cares. These personalized connections are what makes this company an all around winner in the retailing industry.

Creating Ease for the Consumer
Kohl’s also created an extremely interactive app that makes the shopping experience as simple as possible by keeping rewards, points, and coupons all in one place so it’s one less thing families and shoppers have to worry about! Kohl’s works hard to accommodate a large spectrum of customers to make sure they are getting the service and deals they deserve. The app is customizable and personalized so it fits the customer’s needs, making the entire process efficient and organized for all the busy shoppers today.

Engaging Retailer
Kohl’s also goes out of their way to make products affordable and widely accessible. They have prices that many other competing department stores can’t beat…and the coupon discounts keep the customers engaged and coming back! Kohl’s goes out into the real world to make communities a better place, helping families lead happier and more fulfilled lives, which is a huge part of the company’s mission statement. Kohl’s cares, and that’s what makes them one of the most engaging retailers in the country. Consumers choose Kohl’s over other leading retailers because they continue to stay true to their purpose—

people love Kohl’s because Kohl’s loves people!

Kohl’s by the Numbers

  • Kohl’s is one of the most engaging retailers in America.
  • Since 2001, they have donated more than $112 million in corporate grants to eligible nonprofit organizations across the country through Kohl’s Cares.
  • They are in the 90th percentile for employee satisfaction.
  • Around 70% of leadership roles are fulfilled from within the company.
  • Over 60% of students that intern at Kohl’s come back to the company for a full time position
  • Over 100 UW-Madison students interned with Kohl’s just last year!

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