Inaugural SoHE Scavenger Hunt!

SoHE Scavenger Hunt Fox

Inaugural SoHE Scavenger Hunt

Inside SoHE

  • Take an artistic picture in the Men’s or Women’s 1st floor bathroom
  • Capture your team tanning on the 3rd floor outdoor terrace
  • Perform a short interpretive dance in front of the 100 Women Wall (video it!)
  • Make a hand “W” outside in front of SoHE and take a photo
  • Document your favorite yoga poses inside of or in front of the Design Gallery
  • Take a scenic nature photo from behind the SoHE building
  • Shake a SAA staff or advisor’s hand and snap a photo
  • Do silly face selfies outside the first floor Lynn Mecklenburg Reading Room and snap them

Around Campus

  • Do a jumping photo on Bascom Hill
  • “Act” like you’re lost inside Humanities and take a photo
  • High-five 3 people who work on campus (take photos of all 3)
  • Be in Gordon Commons, make a 15 second or less video of your team member(s) singing to a song being played
  • Plank next to the Carillon Tower and take a photo
  • Take a selfie while on Route 80 bus
  • Do a “Discount Double Check” in East Campus Mall and take a video
  • Take a serious face photo in the Chemistry Building


  • Snap yourselves eating Babcock Ice Cream or enjoying a (legal) beverage on Memorial Union Terrace


  • Try and get Felix the Fox in all your photos!
  • Videos must be 15 seconds or less
  • Only 1 photo submittal per clue unless otherwise noted in the clue
  • Try to have both team members in all photos/videos (so, ask someone to take your photos/videos if you can!)
  • Submit photos and videos via ONE social media platform – either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – with the hashtag #SoHEScavenger. You can submit as you go, or altogether at once, as long as they are all in by MIDNIGHT on Wednesday, 4/29!


SoHE Scavenger Hunt Fox


Abe Lincoln statue

Wednesday, April 22
Make history by taking part in SoHE’s inaugural
Scavenger Hunt!
Here’s how:

Step #1: Pledge your gift*

Make a pledge of any amount to the School of Human Ecology at No need to pay or make a donation yet!

Step #2: Pick your partner

Scavenger Hunt teams will be teams of 2 SoHE seniors.

Step #3: Pick up your packet (and Badger gifts!)

Show your “Thank you for your pledge” confirmation email to a Student Campaign Representative in the Robin’s Nest Cafe between 9:30am and 1:30pm on Wednesday, April 22. All instructions for the hunt will be in your packet. If both team members are unable to pick up the packet together, the team member who can pick it up must provide his/her team member’s name to the Rep.

Step #4: Play the game!

You will have until midnight to submit your photos/videos of your hunt. Prizes will be awarded for top finishers and most creative photo/video submissions.
For more information or if you have questions contact Jared Peroutky, SoHE Student Campaign Representative at
*You can also fill out a pledge card when you pick up your packet instead of online.

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