Seung Heon Yoo

Graduate student Seung Yoo

Title/Department: Graduate Student, Human Development and Family Studies




Seung Heon Yoo is interested in how screen media affects children’s development. He is interested in what children perceive and understand from the media, and also how children’s environment affects what they perceive from the media. Seung’s interest in children’s perception and media started in his childhood years in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Growing up in a foreign country without knowing the language or the culture, Seung grew accustomed to relying more on visual information than spoken language to understand the daily interactions he experienced at school since he could not comprehend English. However, English educational television programs served as a source of opportunity for him to understand the culture and the language. This experience has led Seung to be sensitive to perceptual information and molded his interest in children’s perception and media.

Education and Relevant Experience

Seung Heon Yoo received his B.S. in Human Development from Cornell University and his M.A. in Child Studies from Seoul National University, Korea. As Seung was doing his M.A, he worked as a preschool teacher for 4- and 5-year-old children at Multicultural Research and Education Center, SNU. Seung also has experience of working as an editorial assistant for an international journal, Child Studies in Asia-Pacific Contexts, which is sponsored by the Korean Association of Child Studies. Also Seung worked as an administrative assistant for the Division of Consumer Science and Child Studies at SNU assisting professors and managing Division’s yearly budget. Seung has also served as a protocol officer in the Republic of Korea Air Force.