MFA Design Studies

Program Overview

The focus of the MFA degree is on creative performance in design. Its goals are to promote strong and creative conceptual thinking, exploration, interpretation, innovation, and overall excellence in design execution.

A College of upclose work of design studies.

Students generally focus their work in one of two general areas: Textile and Fashion Design, or Interior Architecture. Students focusing in Interior Architecture typically concentrate on the innovative application of aesthetic, conceptual and expressive design strategies in interior environments. Textile and Fashion Design students focus on the conceptual, technical and aesthetic possibilities of textiles and clothing. There are many students who may work across these areas or have an even more idiosyncratic integrative focus. In every case, students formulate a plan of study to suit their individual needs.

The course of study requires the completion of a minimum of 60 credits and includes a substantial studio work component. The curriculum seeks to create a foundation with flexibility to fit student needs.


Graduate Student Work

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Design Studies MFA students have a wide range of facilities available for graduate work. All MFA students have access to studio teaching labs, print lab and maker space. Equipment includes standard floor looms, TC1 jacquard loom, print studio, dye kitchen papermaking studio, apparel design studios, 45” x 60” laser cutter, textile science lab, virtual reality equipment, computer labs with AutoCAD, Autodesk Revit, 24” wide large format printer, 3D printer.

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In addition, students are encouraged to engage with other UW campus resources:

Design Lab
Helen Louise Allen Textile Collection
Ruth Davis Design Gallery
University Special Collections
Arts on Campus
Material Culture Certificate Program