Travis R. Moore

Travis Moore

Title/Department: Doctoral Student, Civil Society and Community Research


Field of Interest

Travis R. Moore takes an integrative approach to addressing civic inequities viewing community initiatives and coalition building as vital components to solving complex social issues. In his doctoral program in Human Ecology: Civil Society and Community Research, Travis is investigating the effects and deterrents of civic engagement, the social-psychological mechanisms of collective action support, and the systems evaluation of non-profit, community-embedded initiatives. He studies the processes that enhance people’s and organizations’ ability to take actions to benefit the groups and communities to which they belong by using methodologically rigorous evaluation and structural modeling techniques. To this end, his current focus is on evaluating social-psychological interventions involved in collective action support in culture-specific contexts.

Education and Relevant Experience

Travis is currently a project assistant in the Center for Community and Nonprofit Studies. In this center, he is assisting in the development of community initiatives to promote health in Native American communities within Wisconsin, particularly for the Obesity Prevention Initiative. His work in the Center focuses on developing a policy, systems, and environmental change framework grounded in public health and community psychology that is informed by community stakeholders involved in promoting health across Wisconsin and beyond.

Prior to his doctoral work, Travis received his Bachelor’s in Premedical Biology and Master’s in Counseling from Southern Methodist University (SMU). He worked for several years in both clinical and research settings as a psychotherapist and program evaluator, respectively. Travis’s clinical practice primarily concentrated on members of the LGBTQ+ community who struggled with substance misuse, personality disorders, and identity development. Concurrent to his private practice, Travis worked at SMU’s Center on Research and Evaluation (CORE), a non-profit focused on rigorous evaluation of community interventions in the areas of education, mental health, and public policy. Here, he was trained in community organizing and collective impact efforts aimed at increasing education outcomes for minority youth in Dallas, Texas.

Awards and Recognition

Travis is a current Mandela Washington Reciprocal Fellow working with the International Mental Health Resource Services (IMERSE), a nonprofit in Swaziland, to increase evaluation capacity and measure program effectiveness. This fellowship allocates funds to travel to sub-Saharan African countries to continue community-engaged, collaborative work with Mandela Washington Fellows on the continent.

Travis is the only recipient of the Outstanding Student in Research award from SMU’s counseling department (2015) for original and innovative research on a social skills experiential group for individuals on the spectrum. He is also the recipient of two SMU scholarships given to 5 students each year in biochemistry (2010) and botany (2011) based on potential for future research contributions to STEM research.

Travis is a leader in advocacy and education in Dallas, Texas on topics of inclusion and cultural awareness, particularly for the LGBTQ+ community, and extending into other social identities such as race/ethnicity, religion, and ableism.